George Byrne is a Sydney born / LA based singer-songwriter, MTV composer, and photographer. He writes lovely tunes, some quiet, some loud, some slow some fast. Some people say his music could be described as 'Pink Floyd Americana' and others say it's nothing of the sort. In any case, it's melodic and of high quality.

Byrne released his first EP (Iron Skies) in 2006, and his debut record (Foreign Water) in 2009 in Australia, the UK and the USA. In 2009 Byrne signed a development deal with UNIVERSAL that led him to record with The Cardinals, The Motels, Jason Molina, Tori Amos and others.

In 2010 Byrne moved to LA, wrote more songs, and teamed up with with MTV USA and Extreme Music UK, as a result his tunes now features regularly in some of America's biggest TV shows. Byrne's latest studio offering (the self titled 'George Byrne') is now available on iTunes and there is lots more music on the way.

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Foreign Waters Album Cover - Stream George Byrne Here -

"A stunning debut of quietly beautiful songs."
The Daily Telegraph Sydney "No. 1 UK MOJO PLAYLIST"
MOJO UK "Songwriting lessons well learnt for rising Sydney Star. 4 stars"
ROLLING STONE "There is real talent here. 4.5 Stars"
Bernard Zuel SMH "Absolutely delicious"
The Brag Magazine - INDI ALBUM OF THE WEEK "Slicker than a bag of eels in grease and addictive as chocolate flavored crack."
UNPEELED - UK Online. "Effortless."
Brian Bolton - UNCUT

Foreign Water by George Byrne